Selects: Some Nutso Fan Theories | STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW

In the podcast episode "Selects: Some Nutso Fan Theories | STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW," the hosts delve into the fascinating world of fan theories surrounding popular television shows. These theories challenge and reinterpret the characters and storylines we know and love. One such theory delves into the idea that Saved by the Bell is a daydream fantasy of Zach Morris, transforming his dreary Indiana life into a much more successful one in California. Another theory is that Gilligan's Island is actually hell, with characters embodying the seven deadly sins, a concept confirmed by the show's creator.

The discussion further elaborates on theories that depict the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as dead and Bel-Air estate as the afterlife, and Garfield as a lonely cat hallucinating in an abandoned house. The hosts also explore the connections between Star Trek, Andy Griffith, and Sherlock Holmes, providing fans with intriguing perspectives on these beloved shows.

The episode doesn't stop there, as the hosts touch on several other popular shows, from Breaking Bad to Doctor Who, and explore the intriguing Tommy Westfall hypothesis, which suggests that many television shows are connected through the imagined world of an autistic child. This concept highlights the interconnectedness of the television universe and serves as an exciting topic of discussion for fans.

In conclusion, the podcast episode offers a fascinating and engaging journey through the realm of fan theories, inspiring listeners to re-think and re-watch their favorite television shows, all while strengthening the bonds within the fan community. The exploration of these unique insights leaves fans with a renewed excitement to delve into the intricate details of the television shows they adore.