260 ‒ Men’s Sexual Health: why it matters, what can go wrong, and how to fix it

In this engaging and informative podcast episode titled "260 ‒ Men's Sexual Health: why it matters, what can go wrong, and how to fix it," the guest, an expert in male reproductive medicine and sexual health, delves into a focused discussion on men's sexual health, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual dysfunctions. The conversation sheds light on the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in men and women, the diagnosis and severity assessment of erectile dysfunction (ED), its pathophysiology, and the benefits of daily Cialis use.

Further, the podcast tackles the importance of considering men's sexual health holistically while diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunctions. Special emphasis is laid on Peyronie's disease, which affects 7-9% of men in the U.S., and its treatment options. The episode also delves into the cost and affordability of Cialis, the relationship between age and refractory periods, the impact of lifestyle modifications on erectile function, and the diagnosis and treatment of ED.

The connection between testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction is explored along with the different treatment options available for low testosterone, such as traction devices and penile prosthetic surgeries. The episode summarizes recent developments and emerging therapies related to GainsWave, stem cells, and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), stressing the importance of seeking medical attention for priapism and finding an experienced surgeon for penile prosthetic surgeries.

As the discussion progresses, topics such as ejaculatory dysfunctions, treatment options for premature ejaculation, testosterone replacement therapy, and androgen receptor sensitivity variations come into focus. Attention is given to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the role of testosterone in prostate cancer, advancements in prostate cancer treatment, and the prospect of using testosterone therapy to treat women with a history of breast cancer.

In conclusion, the podcast offers a comprehensive and insightful discussion on various aspects of men's sexual health, diagnosis and treatment methods, the importance of lifestyle modifications, and the implications of emerging therapies. It serves as an essential resource for anyone seeking to learn more about men's sexual health and the developments in this field.